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Sina Winter

Sina Winter is a black metal musician, song writer, guitarist, vocalist and lyricist from Tehran/Iran.

Since black metal music is banned by the Iranian regime, he started his music career as an underground black metal band back in 2003 by releasing his albums through label companies abroad for almost 9 years. In 2010 he started his new band "From The Vastland" as an one man-band which brought him an adventurous trip to Norway in 2013 to play his very first concert in one of the biggest extreme metal festivals "Inferno Metal Festival" in Oslo. It all happened when he also became one of the main characters in the award winning Norwegian documentary movie about black metal called "Blackhearts". 

In January 2014 he moved to Norway as the first Safemuse's residence artist to continue his music career in Norway due to his risky situation in his homeland, especially after playing his show at Inferno festival and the big attention he got from the media. Now he works with known and professional Norwegian black metal musicians like Tjalve (Ex-Den Saakaldte/ Ex-1349), Spektre (Gaahlswyrd/Horizon Ablaze/Harm), Destructhor (Myrkskog/Ex-Morbid Angel, Zyklon) and Vyl (Gorgoroth/Ex-Keep of kalessin).

Up to now he has released 5 full length album and one EP with "From the Vastland" and played in many metal festivals and events in Norway. In 2014 "From the Vastland" was nominated for "Global Metal Band" at Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.



Nosizwe is a singer, actress, political activist and versatile artist based in Oslo, Norway.

With roots both in Norway and South Africa, her music style is a playful mix of soul, jazz, blues, electronica and hip-hop, seamlessly blending sensual, mature sounds and lyrics with a whirlwind of energy and mischief.


Her debut album "In Fragments" from 2016 was produced by legendary producer and singer Georgia Anne Muldrow, and in the last years Nosizwe has played along side some of Norway's best musicians and at some of Norway´s biggest festivals. 

Nosizwe has previously worked as a campaign coordinator for ICAN, Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 2017, and as a producer for Oslo World Music Festival. In 2016 and 2017, she portrayed Nina Simone in the critically acclaimed musical "I am Nina" at Nordic Black Theatre. She loves working with youth, and currently functions as a musical consultant for "Fargespill", hailed as the most ambitious stage act in Norway, where children from over a 100 countries set up explosive and gripping shows. 

In 2018, Nosizwe is releasing new versions of her "In Fragments" project, as well as participating in "Voice of the Century", a song competition by Norwegian TV channel TV2, where artists are performing songs from the last 100 years. She is also acting in the new NRK drama series "En Natt", created by acclaimed writers Øystein Karlsen and Kristoffer Schau.